Our Story

I believe women have the right to pain relief and quality sleep as a fundamental part of their prenatal care. 

Hi, I’m Julie Robbins, creator of the Lotus Leaf. For the last 20 years I’ve had a prenatal massage practice where I’ve treated thousands of expecting mothers. 

For years, I heard client after client tell me how they weren’t comfortable at night, and how well-supported they felt on my massage table. So I’ll never forget the day when a client first said to me “I wish I had something at home that would make me feel this comfortable all night long.”  That’s the day I realized what pregnant women needed, and I started designing the Lotus Leaf.

Since 2007 I’ve been designing and building Lotus Leaf prototypes, obsessed with the idea of delivering pain relief to sleepless expecting mothers everywhere.

As a eco-conscious parent myself, I also needed the product to be safe and environmentally sustainable. So I sought out natural and recycled materials, and made manufacturing decisions that minimized our carbon footprint at every step along the way. 

I‘m proud of our efforts to take care of expecting moms while protecting the planet our babies will inherit.