Pregnancy Sleep Geek, Julie Robbins

We all geek out about the things we care about, the people we love. But I would have never predicted that my obsession would become quality sleep for pregnant women. Who knew?

Soon after college I found myself in a massage therapy private practice, in a building that also hosted a prenatal yoga program. It became evident that I should get additional training in prenatal massage. When I did, my practice blossomed, just like my client’s bellies. I was in heaven! Supporting women in this pregnancy journey with all of the physical and emotional elements of change that comes with it has been incredibly gratifying for me.

Over the years there were two themes that kept arising. The first is that many of the discomforts were related to their sleep positions. The second is that the vast majority of them would say, “I feel great on your massage table—I wish I had something at home that made me feel this comfortable at night!”

One day I put my brain to it, and started thinking of the ways I could offer the comfort of my massage table at home for them. It began with these questions: how do I support a pregnant woman in perfect alignment? That was the origin of the design. How will she move in it, how will she need it to adapt to her changing body? Answering those questions led me to how it should be assembled—where it is connected, where it is not, and why.

The last question I answered in this process had to do with actually bringing it to market. What should it be made of? The answer, in the end, was the most sustainable, non-toxic materials I could find.  That’s a whole story in itself, which you can read about here.

I love walking along side pregnant women in their journey—hearing their hopes and dreams, their fears and very real concerns. I like supporting women one at a time with massage and a listening ear for an hour or so. But I’ve really been dreaming of a time when I can support thousands of pregnant women all at once–every night, all night–with pain relief and quality sleep through the Lotus Leaf. Now that is a gratifying thought for this pregnancy sleep geek.


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